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Meet our team of experienced professionals, dedicated to delivering our clients a safe and reliable service.

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Part of our mission is to help businesses achieve better operational efficiency, suitability and responsible recycling. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are always looking at new and more intelligent ways to both reduce our own as well as our clients carbon footprint. Please get in touch with us, to find out more about our sustainable approach.

Eamon Deighan,

Managing Director, Industrial & Commercial

Heading up the Industrial and Commercial divisions, Eamon has a solid track record of delivering quality service across many different roles. Eamon has held roles in electrical & mechanical, installations, quality as well as Health and Safety consultancy. Over almost 30 years, which have involved working with clients such as Vauxhall Motors, IBC Vehicles and BWI, to name but a few, Eamon has built a reputation as a trusted and respected industry professional. It’s on this basis that Eamon was able to secure London Luton Airport as one of EP Services’ first clients and is already part of their senior Health & Safety team.

I’ve known Paul for many years, so when the opportunity arose to create a new first class business with him, it was an easy decision to make. With our combined experience, I’m confident that we can provide all of our clients with exceptional quality service. It’s an exciting time for us both and I’m happy to be a part of it

Paul Kelly,

Managing Director, Site Temporary & Maintenance

Having started an electrical apprenticeship back in 1997, Paul now has over 20 years’ experience working within the site temporary, commercial and industrial sectors. After completing his apprenticeship in 2001, Paul has worked in a variety of roles and progressed from being an Installation Electrician, Approved Electrician, Contracts Manager and then to a Senior Project Manager.

Having been working in the industry for many years and gained the experience and trust of others, I felt that there was an opportunity to develop a business in the Site Temporary & Maintenance sectors. Our goal here at EP Services is to provide our clients with a trustworthy team that understands their demands to ensure they can focus their attention on the bigger picture. Eamon shares my outlook which is why creating EP Services made complete sense to us both


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